What We Sign Up For – Pecan Grove Press $15    Purchase Now

ISBN: 978-1-931247-96-2

“Love is reaffirmed through the difficult journey in What We Sign Up For; it is tested by fire and augmented by it. These poems resonate far beyond the battlefield, as life often places each of us on the homefront within the lives of those we love. Siedlarz shifts the camera’s eye, section by section, so that what once begins in an intimate and personal way expands outward—the result is a book capable of affecting anyone who will take the time to open these pages and experience the world contained in these poems.” —Brian Turner


I Dream My Brother Plays Baseball – Clemson University $10  Purchase Now

              ISBN 978-0-9796066-6-3

“Siedlarz’s debut collection of poems about her brother’s life as a soldier in Afghanistan shimmers like the heat over desert sand where civilians and soldiers alike are caught and often destroyed by powers that cannot be controlled. Set in a terrain ‘where nothing continues to bloom,’ poems from the brother’s voice give a graphic picture of the gritty day-to-day life of both American and Afghani soldiers fighting an unending war. However, the poems reveal that in this unforgiving land where even ‘poppies smack their red faces in the breeze,’ the human spirit refuses to let laughter and celebration get swallowed.” —Vivian Shipley, author of When There Is No Shore, winner Connecticut Book Award for Poetry


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